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Garden Sleep System Beds by Natural Form

Get a Healthy More Restorative Sleep

Natural Form's Patented Helix Technology utilizes a Helix shaped "Air Chamber". The Helix air cells automatically fill and refill... all without the use of any pumps, motors or electricity. There are no cumbersome remotes, wires or cables or electricity used.
It's all done using the earth's "naturally" occurring atmospheric pressure that exists all around us. This automatic and individual "dual adjustment" for each side of the bed, occurs without any noise at all and conforms perfectly to your body.

Our Patented "Helix" Air Technology provides you with the utmost in comfort as well as pressure and pain relief, giving you the healthiest night's sleep possible.

"Promotes Health and Healing!"

"Deep Sleep Repairs Your Body!"

"Wool Naturally Repels Bed Bugs"

 Our 3 Layer Hybrid Technology Supports
Your Back and Spine Naturally

 • Soft and Luxurious Natural Cover - Helps you sleep at a more even temperature

Breathable Cool Exclusive Memory Foam - Provides additional comfort, cushion and support

Patented Helix Technology - A Breakthrough Innovation, our patented Helix Technology continually adapts to support your body using self adjusting weight balancing technology for continued pressure relief all night long!


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